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About Anna

Hi, I'm Anna, and welcome to my website. 

I'm incredibly passionate about emotions. I realised a while back that I could alter the world around me by understanding and working with my emotions so I'm now having a lot of fun creating my dream life. 

I'm married to my wonderful husband, Drew, and we have two beautiful children, Louisa and Thomas. 

I left university with a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and worked my backside off for 10 years in the world of pensions as an actuarial consultant. In 2010, I stumbled across some property training and was absolutely gobsmacked to learn about money mindset and financial freedom. I quickly left my job behind so that Drew and I could build our property portfolio, create a couple of thriving property businesses and go on to become property mentors. 

In 2012, we decided to slow down and take some time out to get married, to have our beautiful babies and just be for a while. In 2015, I tried to get back into the property game again and couldn't do it. In fact, I crashed. Hard. My crash lead me into the world of holistic healing and I firmly found my (conscious) spiritual path. I undertook various trainings, such as NLP Practitioner, Reiki Levels 1 & 2 and my basic & advanced mediumship training. 

In 2018, I decided to blend my property, money and business background with my holistic healing to launch Anna Pearce Healing & Learning.

I now focus on creating the next generation of school, alongside helping professional property investors to upscale & expand their property porfolio the magnetic way, and help people struggling to buy their own home to attract their dream home. 

I love what I do, I have never been happier and I am shining bright. 


My Offerings

Property Empress £2.5k-£5k


My 3 month group programme teaching empowered women to transform their investing approach and to upscale and expand their portfolio, attracting properties to them. 

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Attract Your Dream Home · £5k-£20k


An expansive programme for anyone wanting to buy their own home and have a home that brings them money, either through property or their business. No deposit or minimum salary needed.

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Next Generation School


Next Generation School offers a mind, body & soul experience for children as they learn in a creative community environment where their unique qualities are celebrated

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