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About Anna

Hi, I'm Anna and I'm incredibly passionate about emotions. I realised a while back that I could alter the world around me by understanding and working with my emotions. So I'm having a lot of fun creating my dream life. 

I'm married to a wonderful man, my soulmate, Drew and we have two beautiful children, Louisa and Thomas. We homeschool both children which I love as it also gives me the opportunity to rediscover the world through the eyes of our children. 

My family mean the world to me and are my focus. My other passions include healing and property. I'm so blessed to be able to blend these passions into a wonderful, much needed business. I truly feel like I've found my life's purpose. 

And I'm here to help others to do the same. Sending love and blessings to everyone. 


Beauty Love Blessings · £20k

A divine programme for empowered women in property to help them to attract their dream portfolio and to finally start enjoying the life that they are creating

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Attract Your Dream Home · £5k

An inspiring programme for anyone who wants to attract their dream home but feels like they can't afford it. No deposit, no minimum salary needed.

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7-Day Intensive · £1k

An intensive programme for people struggling with overwhelm, to clear away toxic emotions and to attract space & abundance back into your life

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