Hi, I'm Anna and I help people to create the life they desire.

 In 2015, I finally had everything I thought I wanted: a loving family, a beautiful home, a nice car, the kids at private school and a thriving property business which gave me time and money to enjoy life. 

I woke up one day and realised that I was miserable. 

I couldn't understand why, after all that work, having everything I thought I wanted, I couldn't understand why I was so unhappy. 

I crashed. Hard.

And then "those" 2 weeks happened; clocks falling off walls, coming home to the front door being wide open (twice), lights randomly coming on... the list goes on. 

It was terrifying. 

I knew this was not "normal", I had never had a clock fall off a wall before so knew that multiple clocks falling off multiple walls was more than just a coincidence.

For the first time in my life, I called a medium. In fact, I spoke with a few mediums but no-one could help me. Eventually, I found a wonderful shaman who cleared the energy of the house and told me that I was "being called", this was my spiritual awakening. I was done being scared, now I was curious. 

Off I went on my journey of discovery, to find out who I was and why I had crashed. I learned and am learning about me - just me - and the world I craft for myself. And as it turns out, me and my universe are pretty amazing!

My Offerings

For Families


An empowering space where children learn about their world as well as themselves and their emotions. It is a safe space to take lessons, create positive life habits and to practice living in this modern world. That includes creating healthy relationships with money, business and property. Nature is also a big part of the journey, including food as medicine and healing our earth.

Property Empress


I help women to attract their dream home. They create an income from their home in a way that feels expansive and nourishing so it actually makes them money, not cost them. They attract an investor, someone who wants to invest in them and their visions, so they don't need a deposit or minimum income. Everybody deserves their dream home.