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Hello and welcome

I am Anna and I am a fire woman. 

I am mum to Louisa who is 7 and Thomas who is 5. I am married to my dream man, Drew. We have been life partners for 13 years. 

My dream was birthed in January 2019, my school based in Forest Row, East Sussex. We are run by healers with the intention of empowering children. They learn emotional intelligence as well as financial intelligence. I love it! It has been such a journey for me and my own limiting beliefs, and I feel it is soooooo needed!

I also empower women to buy their own home, to break free of the patriarch paradigm and attract their dream home. I've been a property investor for a decade and am sharing my wisdom for creative ways to buy here in the UK. Again, I love it!

I am calling in my own dream home, a space to hold my family, my school and my healing & learning centre. 

A huge part of my journey is connecting with other women, I love women's circles and groups, and want to support as many mums, sisters, daughters, aunties, business women, etc as possible. I want to be a beacon of light. 

Sending you lots of love and blessings. 

Anna xxx

My Offerings



An empowering space where children learn about their world as well as themselves and their emotions. It is a safe space to take lessons, create positive life habits and to practice living in this modern world. That includes creating healthy relationships with money, business and property. Nature is also a big part of the journey, including food as medicine and healing our earth.

Property Empress


I help women to attract their dream home. They create an income from their home in a way that feels expansive and nourishing so it actually makes them money, not cost them. They attract an investor, someone who wants to invest in them and their visions, so they don't need a deposit or minimum income. Everybody deserves their dream home.


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