Next Generation School

Our Intention

Next Generation School offers a mind, body and soul experience for children, as they learn in a creative community environment where their unique qualities are celebrated.

The Vision

We are the next generation of school

Children will be able to go through their whole school journey with us, from ages 3 to 18, including sitting GCSEs and A-Levels. 

Their schooling journey is reflective of nature - the younger ages are about self and creating a positive inner voice, the middle ages is about finding their passion and exploring boundaries, and the older ages is about preparing for life after school. They will choose their qualifications based on what they want to do after school, whether that is getting a job, running a business, an apprenticeship or something else. 

We expect most children to leave school having already created income streams for themselves, either through investment, business or property. 

They will have emotional intelligence, a good understanding of how food is medicine and be truly connected with everything in their life (ie mindfulness). They will have found their voice, have a positive relationship with their bodies and, hopefully, be happy!

The school will eventually be self sufficient, eco friendly and off-grid and the children will be part of the journey to get there. They will be learning about the earth, understanding why we are looking after our home and will experience the process behind it. 


How It Came Into Being

I opened Next Generation School in January 2019. I wanted to create a school where my children would learn about more than just academia. I wanted them to learn emotional intelligence, to be somewhere where they are truly heard, and their education is tailored to them and their learning style. I wanted them to be surrounded by positive role models and for them to be part of a positive and conscious community. 

The school is free and will always be free. It feels so important that every family has access to this kind of school, that every child can experience an amazing schooling journey, It is funded by Anna Pearce Healing & Learning through property, premium training courses and investors. 

My intention is to, one day, create a global franchise to allow others to create their own vision for what they feel is the next generation of school, and for it to remain free and accessible to everybody.


Core Values

Happiness Formula


Habits formed in school are taken into adulthood so we want to create positive life patterns for the children. We balance time outside, connecting with nature, with lots of playtime, a space to experience joy, fun and excitement. We also have focused sessions, which allows the children to practice the art of concentration and focus, as well as gives them the opportunity for deeper learning.

Self & Community


We want our children to grow into strong, independent, free-thinking adults so the school allows them to practice these skills. The children express their feelings, their needs & desires. We also teach about community, to have consideration for the collective. It helps the children to feel part of something bigger than themselves, to feel held and supported.

Creative Learning


Children are naturally curious, they are already motivated to learn, so our role is to facilitate their learning by bringing in whatever is needed to spark that curiousity and to inspire their continued learning. Rebecca creates child-specific, creative learning tools for her focused sessions to capture the children's imaginations and to teach them academia in a really fun and engaging way.

Emotions & Energy


Children are naturally very good at expressing their emotions. At the school, we are creating positive habits and patterns around emotions, allowing the children to express themselves clearly and to be able to feel heightened emotions in a healthy way. It is our intention to provide tools for the children to take forward around emotional intelligence, to feel fully resourced when it comes to their emotional health. 

From Seed to Tummy


Food is a powerful healer, it is our medicine. We help the children to connect with their food by growing our own food at the allotments, inviting the children to prepare the food and for them to enjoy a variety of delicious and healthy food. Food has a huge influence over our emtional health and our physical health so Emma tailors the food for the children to help keep them healthy on every level. 

Environmentally Conscious


It is our longer term vision to become fully self sustaining and off grid, and for the children to be part of that journey. We want the children to fall in love with nature and to want to protect and nourish it. Part of this is showing them how to make real, long lasting changes to protect our earth. We are nature, we are individual ecosystems ourselves, so by connecting with the earth, it connects us to ourselves and vice versa. 

Meet the Guides


Anna Pearce (Creator)

Anna's intention is to create a space where both the children and adults feel empowered, heard and nourished. She wants to create a community of pioneering beings that are in touch with themselves and the earth, who feel that anything is possible and feel strong in themselves. 


Emma Goodwin

"My intention is to seek and share remedial and curative therapies using using food as medicine whilst promoting regenerative agriculture, with the aim of healing individuals, communities and the biosphere."


Rebecca Rainbow

"NGS is an exciting opportunity for me, as I’m passionate about creating a more open, connected, peaceful, global society. I create fun and catchy ways to inspire, empower and educate children by working with: sound, vision and words to engender equality, self respect, awareness of others and the natural environment. I interweave structure with fun and creativity to keep the children engaged, open and happy and NGS is ripe and ready for this learning weave."

Additional Support

Marc Easton (Bush Commander Forest School & Bushcraft)


Marc joins the community on a Tuesday and we build fires together, whittle wood, make medallions, and generally get dirty!

Cat Bellamy (Once Upon A Parachute)


Cat joins us on a Wednesday, bringing sunshine & laughter to the school. Through games and role play, the children connect with their joy and happiness!




We currently run on a Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday from 9am to 3pm during term time.


Cowden Memorial Hall, Chantlers Mead, Cowden, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 7JH. We also use the allotments opposite.


We are currently taking 11s and under but hope to extend to all ages (including GCSEs and A-Levels) in the next year.

Additional needs?

We are a healing school so happy to receive children with additional needs.

DRB checked? Insured? Registered?

We are all DRB checked and we have public liability insurance. We are a homeschool group so not registered. 


Rebecca is a qualified teacher. We all have various life skills and other qualifications, as detailed below.


How the Day Flows

Although Each Day is Totally Unique, We Have a Natural Flow

9am arrive and connect. We hold a circle, where we sit together and spent a moment connecting. We express what we are feeling along with the week's intention on a Tuesday (our first school day of the week)

9.30am head outside - We put on our wellies and waterproofs and head over to the allotments opposite. The children can play with the mud kitchen, help with the gardening or just spend time connecting with the earth. On a Tuesday we have a Forest School session with Marc where they build fires, go bug hunting, make medallions, do some whittling or whatever activity Marc creates for them.

11/11.30am we have elevensies - we pause for a drink and a snack, and to reconnect as a community again.

11.30am playtime - we have some time for the children to play, to express, to connect, to free flow. We will use this time to hold activities such as singing and dancing, games, reading, whatever flows that day.

1pm lunch - the children are invited to help prepare lunch and then we sit down together, say thanks for our food and eat together

1.30pm focused session - the children are invited to sit with Rebecca for some focused, creative learning. They use crafts, stories, or just plain old paper and pencil to learn. The little ones will usually sit quietly and read with the other teachers whilst focused sessions are taking place. 

3pm home time - we end our day with another circle to express gratitude at the fun and learnings of the day

Natural Learning

The learning takes place throughout the day. We usually have a theme running through the day, whether that is a letter, a number or a subject. By having multi-layered learning, the children are much more engaged and it is much more effective.

Application Process


Learning About The Schooling

You can find out about the school through this website, through social media (see below for links) and the talk shown below

Open Day

We are holding an open day on 10th April, please get in touch through the Contact Me page to book a place.

Submit an Application

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Home Visit

I will get in touch about coming to meet you and your family at your home. You can ask any questions you may have, and it will help us both to see whether the fit is right. 

Joining the School

If the fit is right, I will confirm by email & send over some terms for you to read and sign. 

Start Date

It is important to us to have a good balance of children at the school (eg a broad range of ages, sexes and abilities) so, even if you are successful in your application, it may take a while before your child can start. We will be in communication with you though, to keep you updated.

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The Vision (February 2019)

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