Attract Your Dream Home

Creating the Life You Desire

I create bespoke programmes for my clients who want to heal naturally, whether that's emotionally, physically or spiritually. Some are very experienced in working with holistic therapists, others are totally new to it.

My main role is to listen. To listen and then to guide. I call in m y very best holistic and spiritual therapists and guides to support you along your journey and we all work together to support you which creates a powerful space for your healing.

I create beautiful, bespoke programmes for my clients to suit their needs, preferences and budget. 

I also work with clients who want to create the life they desire in terms of the physical - property, money and business. 


Focus Areas



How we feel affects our physical body, think about how you get butterflies when you get nervous or how your mouth waters when you think of a big, juicy lemon. Working w

Blocks, Limiting Beliefs, Wounds


You will receive tools for life to guide your way past blocks, limiting beliefs and wounds to open up your world and receive abundance and happiness. 

Zoom Calls & Support


You will receive weekly Zoom calls and messenger, Voxer and email support throughout your programme. You will be invited to share what is coming up for you between calls so that you can receive any guidance needed.



Guidance around all aspects of property from buying your own home to investing in property, from tenants to setting up an estate agency. I have an extensive team of property professionals across the country who support me.

Attracting Money


Money is loving, money wants to flow to you. Sometimes we need to nourish our relationship with money, to allow it to flow easily and smoothly. You can also learn how to manifest any amount of money you desire. 

Business Guidance


Create harmony within your business and allow abundance to flow to you. Business should be fun, not taxing, so I will show you how to mirror nature's rhythms & cycles for a more prosperous, more blissful business. 

1:1 Support for 3 Months (6, 9 & 12 Month Options Also Available)


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card