Property Empress

I help women to buy their own home and to create an income from it so that it actually pays them. The best part is that it's done in a way that feels amazing and expansive!

They find an investor who wants to invest in them and their vision so no deposit is needed and no minimum income. All they need is a vision. 

They create an income through renting some of the space or by running a business from their home and this income pays the interest for the investor and generates an income for them.

It is a healing and learning journey so they are learning the physicality of buying a property and creating a business from it, as well as healing their money, property and business wounds. 

It is an empowering and sacred space, where the lunar cycle is mirrored to create flow and harmony on the journey. 

I believe that every woman deserves to attract their dream home. 


What Is Included

Explore The Vision


This is a one-day session where you will explore all the options and you can feel how you want your dream home to feel and how you want it to flow. 

Learning Days


We will have 4 Learning Days where you will learn how to buy your own home, including attracting an investor, how to find your home and how to create an income from it

Healing Days


We will have 4 Healing Days (including Explore The Vision) where you will align with your vision, clearing away any blocks and limiting beliefs that is stopping you from receiving your home

Weekly Call & Support


We will have a one-hour weekly Zoom call to check progress, answer questions and work through anything that is coming up for you. 

Messenger Support


You will have messenger and Voxer support throughout the programme.

Access to my Team


You will have access to all my very best financial advisors (fees covered separately). I will also be liaising with them to ensure a smooth process.